Export catalog of the Leningrad Region
Export catalog of the Leningrad Region
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Timproduct JSC

The Timproduct JSC timber enterprise specializes in the production of high-quality woodwork products for export markets. The company uses new technologies and modern high-tech German equipment. The company plans an increase in production and access to new markets in the next few years. The main customers are companies in Europe and the USA.

Sales area: Europe, USA, Japan, China, Korea
Russia, Leningrad Region, Volosovo, Veteranov str., 62a
+7 (81373) 22-742, av@volosovo-lph.ru
Export products
  • Lumber


    начало производственной деятельности
    50 employees

    численность сотрудников предприятия
    10,000 cu. m

    annual planed and spliced products production capacity
    15 000 km

    the furthest product delivery destination
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