Export catalog of the Leningrad Region
Export catalog of the Leningrad Region
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Morozovskiy Himicheskiy Zavod JSC

MHZ JSC is a leading producer of anti-corrosion materials, weather-resistant, chemically resistant, oil-resistant, heat-resistant, radiation-resistant, electrical insulating, wear-resistant coatings, fire-retardant materials, materials for road surface. The plant has been producing patented polysiloxane-organosilicate compositions of a new generation of its own design since 2008.

The plant is fitted with advanced equipment and operates modern technologies for the production of copolymers and resins based paints and varnishes. In addition to paint and varnish coatings, customers are offered technologies for preparing surface materials and coating technology. Materials of the plant are used for painting industrial, construction, road, pavement, residential, temple, cultural and sports and other facilities.

Sales area: Russia, CIS countries, China, Iceland, India
Russia, Leningrad region, Vsevolozhsk district, Morozov town, Chekalova st., 3
+7 (812) 462-82-14, info@tdmhz.ru

Export products
  • Innovative coatings for corrosion protection in industry

ISO 9001:2015

start of manufacturing
240 employees

enterprise staff amount
> 60

paint coatings types
8 times

production of paintwork materials
increased during recent years
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