Export catalog of the Leningrad Region
Export catalog of the Leningrad Region
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Vozrozhdenie Mine Management Company LLC

Vozrozhdenie Mine Management Company LLC is part of the NP GPSK "Vozrozhdenie" and the leading company for the granite blocks extraction in Russia. The company extracts and sells blocks from its own quarries (granite, granosyenite, garnetiferous amphibolite, migmatized garnetiferous amphibolite, green pyroxenite, gneissogranite).

Stone-processing workshops are working on the sides of the quarries, producing granite products for road construction (curbstones, special borders) and urban landscaping (paving stones, paving slabs, cornices, parapets, rocky veneer, concrete piers), hardscape elements (pedestals, benches, urns). The quarries and stone-processing production of the company is fitted with the latest European equipment and tools. The products are supplied to the largest regional and state municipal improvement projects.

Sales area: Russia, Italy, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Taiwan, China
Russia, Leningrad Region, Vyborg, Leningrad highway, 18 A
+7 (81378) 252-02, info@karier.ru
Export products
  • Granite blocks

start of manufacturing
440 employees

enterprise staff amount
41,500 cu. m

granite blocks mined in 2018

the furthest delivery of granite blocks
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