Export catalog of the Leningrad Region
Export catalog of the Leningrad Region
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LSR. Stenovye LLC

Business line of LSR Group "LSR. Stenovye materialy" unites the largest manufacturers of wall materials (4 brick plants and one gas-concrete plant). The enterprises are fitted with modern equipment, have their own raw material base - Cambrian blue clay quarries.

"LSR. Stenovye "produces the widest range of bricks: ordinary (construction) bricks - solid and hollow; lining (front) brick of different textures and colors; large-format porous ceramics, the special structure of which allows building warmer walls. The company is the first and the only mass producer of facade clinker bricks and paving clinker bricks in Russia. As part of the gas-concrete direction, a range of products is produced under the "Gazobeton LSR" brand. The quality of holding company products complies with European standards and is ensured by the constant input
and operational control of raw materials and technological processes by the plant laboratories.

Sales area: Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan
Russia, Leningrad Region, Kirovsky district, Otradnoye, Nikolskoye highway, 55
+7 (812) 334-87-72, info@lsrstena.ru

Export products
  • Construction brick
  • Front brick
  • Clinker brick (front, paving)

РОСС RU.АВ24.Н07885
РОСС RU.АБ69.Н01402
РОСС RU.АВ24.Н07828
РОСС RU.АБ69.Н01003
РОСС RU.АВ24.Н08887

№0453395; №0403029; №0403014; №0403015; №2229683; №2229684; №2232551; №2229682; №2232549; №2232552; №0247451; №0276340; №2108006; №2108007; №2232550

start of manufacturing
1,050 employees

enterprise staff amount
450 million bricks

annual production capacity
(90 product ranges)
3 million cu. m

of gas-concrete produced during 10 years of operation (eq. to 12.5 mln sq. m of buildings)
General information