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Export catalog of the Leningrad Region
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Michelangelo JSC

Michelangelo JSC is a cheese factory, founded in 1995 by hereditary cheese maker from Italy Michelangelo Di Filippo, the keeper of the 100-year-old cheese making tradition, and became the first Italian cheese producer in Russia. The factory is fitted with modern Italian equipment. Products are made using high quality raw materials only, free from GMO and preservatives. Only microbial origin enzymes are used, production technologists have been trained in Italy. Products are made to order only, so it is always fresh and appears in the store shelves within a few hours after the release.

Sales area: Russia, Switzerland
Russia, Leningrad region, Gatchina district, Kobralovo, industrial area
+7 (81371) 69-068, mikele@inbox.ru

Offered products
  • Cheese products (Caucasian cheese, semi-hard cheese, soft cheese)

ISO 22000:2005

start of manufacturing
20 employees

enterprise staff amount

quality control by in-house laboratory
from 21 to 50 days

lasts the product shelf life due to
modern package
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